Impossible Dreamers is an inspiring documentary featuring legendary golfer Gary Player, along with a multitude of other amazing Senior Citizen Athletes.

The Emmy-winning filmmaker took over three years capturing the ups and downs that define these athletes’ lives. The final results illustrate not only what it means to be a champion, but what it means to lead a life worth living!

"You won't leave this film unchanged" Dr. Mitch Harmon, VA Hospital

"We had a very successful screening in our office - I think this should be required screenings to all diabetics" Dr. Sam Lerman, Endocrinologist

"An infectiously inspiring documentary - very motivating for the seniors in our community" Mayor Corey Calaycay, Claremont CA

Business & Non-Profit

Senior Facilities, Gyms, Insurance Companies, Doctor's Offices, Hospitals, Non-profits, Corporate Events & more: this film screening can help promote healthy living for your organization.

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Education Bundle

Schools from middle school to universities, students of all ages love this film. Our education edition comes with talking points for educators and a shortened "classroom" version.

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Home Use DVD

For Personal Use Only, add this film to your private collection to inspire yourself, your family and friends. This bundle comes with a 120-page exercise guidebook for seniors.

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The New York Times reported in Spring 2016 after the age of 60 muscle mass begins to get lost permanently unless fitness takes place, citing the grave dangers of remaining inactive into old age in their recent article

Exercise Makes our Muscles Work Better with Age