Set Up A Screening To Share The Film With Your Community

Dozens of nonprofits, businesses, schools, libraries and other community centers are using Impossible Dreamers to inspire their members, to reach out to their respective communities, and even to generate local media coverage.

Wellness Industry senior homes, insurance companies, gyms,hospitals

The film has successfully inspired both staff and members at the health and wellness organizations across the country.

In the classroom from middle schools to universities

This film is a powerful tool to engage students in learning about aging positively and expanding self image. We've been amazed to see how well the film has been received by students.

Outreach tool for any organization

Invite the local community and market your organization. Use this film as a way to meet future clients. Host a screening with the positive message of this film as the backdrop.

We've created the Impossible Dreamers Screening Kit to give your organization all the resources you'll want to screen the film and lead productive discussions, workshops and even workouts! With every purchase of our DVD there will be an in-depth workout guide for seniors to take the enthusiasm from the screen to the gym.

The community invited the filmmakers and even the mayor, Corey Calaycay to the event, which became a huge success, attracting many new members and receiving exceptional feedback.

See a screening in action

In March 2016 a senior living community in Claremont CA hosted a screening of the film to advertise their establishment and inspire their residents. The theatre of over 200 seats was filled to capacity (even had to send people away). Even the Mayor of Claremont attended the screening, as it became an important community event. The film was so successfully received, standing ovations and all, that this senior living community wants to host future screenings of Impossible Dreamers....

Screening Room at the Claremont, CA senior living community - filled to capacity!