The Filmmakers have spoken at many conferences, events, and film festivals around of the world. Include the filmmakers at your screening event to make it a presentation to remember!

Eric Goldfarb is 3-time Emmy winning TV and Filmmaker. His presentation on Impossible Dreamers includes thought-provoking ideas about aging and personal reflections on the making the film, including why he chose this topic, how it changed his perspective on seniors and how we can all benefit from a positive attitude about aging.

Jenny Goldfarb is a producer for the film and the head of the nonprofit, Better World Film Group. She is a champion of healthy eating and aging gracefully, inspired by the wisdom of these athletes.

Also consider booking one of our Athletes...

Dr. Don Cheek

Running and connecting with people has long been a passion for Dr. Don Cheek, AKA, Doc. He is uniquely prepared by being from the gritty, culturally diverse streets of New York city and going through the experiences of being a musician, writer, coach, therapist, administrator, clergyman, business man and family man. Cheek is now a world traveling university professor and competes in sprinting events on a World Class level at age 86. For Cheek, what is learned in running is directly connected to success in life. He's willing to explain in detail for all who will listen.

Sarah Sneider

Sarah Sneider has been a fitness trainer from more than 40 years. She is the creator of the revolutionary Aerobic Resistance Rebounding system that has helped thousands throughout the world achieve better health. Sarah currently holds the world record in the 20 ft. rope climb and has accumulated more than 140 medals since age 50 in Senior Games. As a mother of three and grandmother, her passion is inspiring and motivating whoever she meets, encouraging people everywhere to get in the best shape of their life!

Daniela Barnea

Daniela Barnea is no stranger to the water or to the win. (Daniela is the current Guinness-record holder for her age group in the butterfly stroke.) She has been swimming competitively for over 50 years, and while she still breaks records and brings home medals on a regular basis, it is her effort, dedication, and sportsmanship that make her a true champion both in and out of the pool. Daniela has made a name for herself as a swim teacher, artist, friend, mother and grandmother and feels younger at 72 than she ever has before.


“Impossible Dreamers was a home run for our event. This inspiring documentary generated a standing ovation from the audience of over 350 people and several members of our community center which vowed to change their lifestyle. We highly recommend this inspirational and motivational film for other aging conferences and events. It touched our hearts and motivated us all, old and young.” Mayor Corey Calaycay, Claremont Conference on Aging

"Impossible Dreamers was a home run event for our community. The film is inspirational, encouraging, and above all, great entertainment. In this film, you see older adults who refuse to be limited by their age (and in some cases their illnesses) and continue to have a competitive spirit and great outlook on life. The Director, Eric Goldfarb, put on a passionate presentation on longevity and movement in older adults. Eric comes with great behind the scenes stories and how the film affected change in his life."
Paula Sikes, Sun Health Senior Living

“This film salutes older adults who rarely get the opportunity to look strong, motivated or moving - it was so inspiring, I would recommend a screening to people of all ages, especially the elderly. The film promotes good mental as well as physical well being and was a home run for our office” Dr. Mitchell Jacobson, Endocrinologist, Hollywood, Fl

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